What we do

Our activity is focused on, but not limited to, trading in the field of various industrial products fabricated by those manufacturers in Poland and elsewhere who used to cooperate with us closely.

Our offer comprises among others the following:

  • all types of steel constructions made to client’s documentation,
  • forgings, steel and iron castings of diverse sizes for e.g. energy, paper, shipbuilding, material handling and matallurgical industries,
  • elements of wind power stations like towers, casing, platforms (secondary steel) and ladders,
  • ship mooring equipment (hawse pipes, bollards, roller fairleads) and container sockets,
  • external steel doors, manholes and ventilation equipment,
  • interior ship equipment like furniture, doors, windows, wet units, panelling system,
  • design services for shipbuilding,
  • spares, replacements and fittings for production equipment in steel mills, foundries, refineries, power and heat generating plants and paper mils,
  • fittings and automating equipment for machines, production lines etc.

We have an agreement with MD Industrie, France
giving us exclusive sale and distributive rights in Poland for servo-motors, actuators and control accessories 

We also are an Agent for the Polish market of MULTITEC, Finland
who offers flame monitoring systems to DILMAC type boilers which are applied to:

  • control fuel and air distribution
  • control auxiliary burners
  • monitor safety of use
  • plan maintenance processes